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If you are not a CUSP, this information below does not apply. If you feel this information is not correct, please email us at or call at 815-459-1796.
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/ / (MM/DD/YYYY) This is the date you need to have your continuing professional development requirements done and submitted to us by email to or faxed to 815-425-6305. If you are a Green CUSP, you need 40 CUSP Points over the two year period. If yo
/ / (MM/DD/YYYY) Person did not re-certify their CUSP. The title was removed from all databases and website. The certification is no longer valid.
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/ / (MM/DD/YYYY) The CUSP Maintenance fee is due annually. If you become a CUSP on 11/4/15, your maintenance fee will be due on 11/3/16. This is not the same as the USOLN membership. That is a separate item. If you are a CUSP, this has to be paid to maintain your cred
/ / (MM/DD/YYYY) Your latest CUSP card with the new recertification date was sent on this date. It is usually sent to the home address listed on your profile unless there is no home address or otherwise requested.